Press Release: Hagerstown Investor Creates New Downtown Business



Hagerstown Investor Creates New Downtown Business


By Kate Schwartz

March 12, 2013 Hagerstown


Hagerstown, MD – John Laughlin, the principal owner of Ridgecrest Investments, Inc., is pleased to announce the organization of Ridgecrest Property Management, LLC, (“RPM”) of Hagerstown, and the appointment of Kate Schwartz as the firm’s General Manager.  The company will provide management services to both residential and commercial property owners throughout Western Maryland.


RPM offers professional expertise, accounting services, upkeep, landscaping and repair for all types of rental properties with their locally-hired staff and maintenance team.  Among those employed by the company are carpentry, plumbing & electrical technicians, property managers & administrators, an in-house attorney and a CPA.


The company has tailored itself to meet each landlord’s specific needs by offering an extensive menu of services as well as bundled Management Plans – with NO annual contracts required. RPM will make the process of owning investment real estate simple by handling those essential, time-consuming management tasks which tend to discourage many potential buyers.


According to Mick Hersh, Chief Operating Officer of Ridgecrest’s Financial Services Group, “our company already manages 1.2 million square feet of commercial property and many residential properties, so the formal creation of the stand-alone company was a natural extension of our current work. We are eager to share the same high quality service with property owners in and around Hagerstown.”

For more information, please visit or call RPM’s office at (301) 665-2838.



 To learn more, please contact


Kate Schwartz
Ridgecrest Property Management, LLC
223 N. Prospect St., Suite 204
Hagerstown, MD  21740
(301) 665-2838
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Mick Hersh
Ridgecrest’s Financial Services
223 N. Prospect St., Suite 204
Hagerstown, MD  21740
Office: (301) 665-2830 x101
Fax: (301) 665-2859


John Laughlin
Ridgecrest Investments, Inc.
550 Highland St., Suite 303
Frederick, MD  21701
Office: (301) 695-5736
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